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About me

My name is Merijn Joosen, I’m a digital designer with 15 years of experience in user research, interaction design, visual design and front-end development. I do illustrations as well.
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User Research
Conducted over 400 user interviews, surveys and card sorting sessions
Interaction Design
Using cognitive psychology, empathy and today's common design patterns
Visual Development
Pixel perfect visual design, illustration and front-end code snippets
Breda, The Netherlands
Local time
(GMT +2)
UX Certified
Nielsen Norman Group
Designing for
DPG Media

Based in Breda

That's a city in the south of The Netherlands. I tend to work from my home office. However, if your company is located within Europe, I'd love to stop by from time to time. I am not willing to relocate.

User Research

By conducting user interviews, observations, surveys, focus groups, card sorting, diary studies or A/B testing, I'll provide you with the following:
  • Identification of your user's fears, behaviours, goals and contexts
  • Validation of assumptions and hypotheses (including yours 👻)
  • A custom, UX dashboard within your analytics app
  • Refinement of design decisions
The primary goal here is to create a deep understanding of your user audience so that we can make informed decisions, which will lead to more user-centered and effective outcomes. Together, we'll be able to create meaningful and intuitive interactions between you and your users.

Interaction Design

Prepare for a deep dive into your user's fears, behaviour, goals and context. My interaction designs are primarily based on these four, along with common and proven user interface patterns such as breadcrumbs, tabs, and search bars. When working with me, there'll be a strong focus on:
  • Gaining your user's trust
  • Reducing your user's cognitive load
  • Test iterations as early as possible, lo-fi
  • Visualizing your user's journey
  • Developing components, not pages

Visual Development

Not only can I design, I'm able to develop clean front-end code as well (HTML, CSS and JS). I'd be happy to create (matching) brand assets, like icons, images, videos, typography, animations and color palettes. I'll arrange them in a way that guides the viewer's eye, create hierarchy, and let your product effectively communicates the intended message. Things I can set you up with are:
  • Images (photography and/or illustration), videos, type, icons and colors
  • Motion design, like (micro) interactions and page transitions
  • Visual storytelling
  • Responsive layouts and compositions that guide the viewer's eye
  • HTML, CSS and JS (ready to be implemented in libraries like React)

Designing for inclusion

Inclusive design acknowledges and embraces differences in sexual orientation, race, age, religion, culture, and gender, creating spaces where everyone feels represented and valued. By considering these aspects, I can foster a sense of belonging, accessibility, and equal participation, ultimately leading to more empathetic and effective digital solutions that enrich the lives of a much broader range of people.
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