Twenty years after its founding, it was time for Lebara to broaden its reach in the Sim Only market. This includes, of course, a strong digital representation. Me and my team were tasked with the delivery of the user interface for Lebara Global, based on both quantitative and qualitative research. In 2022, we saw a significant increase in the number of online users, resulting in an increase of profit by 17%, excluding one-time items. Whoop!
Quick access to international rates, whether to or from abroad, proved to be more than welcome for many (international) users.
A very outdated digital representation made it impossible for Lebara to effectively scale up their Sim Only activities
Whilst some features are not even published yet, we've noticed 17% increase in online revenue, excluding one-time items
User Strategy
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Topping up prepaid credit has become much(, much, much) easier for Lebara users.


What can you test more accurately with: with 500 people or with 50,000? Right, that's why me and my team pushed Lebara to a consistent, global user interface. By centralizing the general user interface, Lebara is now able to learn real-time from user behavior, all 'round the friggin' globe. It also ensures consistency and reduces development costs.
To achieve this level of centralization in a strongly decentralized organization, we’ve linked the global design system to local brand guidelines, tailored for each country. This approach allows local researchers and designers to respond to developments in their respective regions and languages, with relevant content, while maintaining a consistent interface.
Flag icons in Lebara's colors. Every country in the world. Details do matter.
However, consolidating the user interface alone proved insufficient: Lebara's product range needed simplification as well. Options like "2x faster internet for € 0.50" may have seemed like an attractive form of upselling at a certain point in time, however, due to the vagueness of it, questions like "does that mean that default internet speed will be 2x slower?" will arise in the brain of the user. It's my hypothesis that vague options, like these, could well cost organizations more than they would bring in.
In the Q&A section, we removed lots of duplicates and lookalikes and designed a clean search functionality.
Lebara is a brand strongly associated with migrants and multiculturalism. Instead of trying to suppress this well established image out of fear that it might negatively affect people with prejudices about migrants, we aimed to use the user interface and content to work in favor of Lebara's image.
Because why keep it a secret that Lebara is exceptionally suited for global communication with your loved ones? That Lebara helps refugees with SIM cards and free airtime. That Lebara always negotiates the best deals with local providers. There's actually nothing wrong with this image; hence, it can be perfectly utilized to strengthen Lebara's brand instead of weakening it. Fear is always a bad counselor.


To make Lebara's image work for itself, its design should showcase Lebara's pride in its origins and encourages customers to do the same. Physical distances should not prevent you from staying in touch with your loved ones — that is precisely why Lebara was founded. Lebara is approachable, transparent about its rates, and maintains a human touch. Reviews from real customers support these claims, which you can verify on Trustpilot. Still not satisfied? We offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee. Have questions? Within minutes, a Lebara family member will assist you, whether through chat, phone, or email. International, honest, proud, easy to use, low price. That's it.
We have limited the use of colors in Lebara's app and website(s) to just one shade of blue, one shade of purple, and some shades of black and white. For CTA's, however, we used a bright pink, contrasting color. Other colors, without a clear function, were executed. Not a single color survived.
In 2022, Lebara served 900,000 users in The Netherlands alone.
Client quote
In addition to being an enthusiastic, caring, and positive colleague, Merijn is like a breath of fresh air in his field. He has established a great system and has made an international impact with his designs. On the side, he implemented useful Scrum practices within Lebara. Awesome!
Jasmijn Staal
CRM Manager
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